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  1. LA Man

From the recording LA Man


L.A. Man
Words and Music by Nina Jo Smith
© 2015 Redwood River Music                                   
Janis Joplin,
Hollywood Bowl,
Did it really happen
Did I really go?
Driving the canyon,
Beverly Glen
Blue skies and oak trees
Essays and poetry,
Records and no tv,
Firesign Theater on the radio.
L.A. Boy,
L.A. Man,
Walk in the sunshine,
Sing in the band.
PCH to Monterrey
Roadtrip to San Fran
-cisco Bay
Swear on my life, I love L.A.
And I remember when.
L.A. Free Press
Century City
Police Attack Protesters
Vietnam War
Earthquake and mudslide,
Twelve-string and Tim Buckley,
Soldiers and train rides
Do you remember when?
It was a bad, bad time,
We had a good time too,
            Age of Aquarius,
            Me and you.
Riding the bikeway,
Wind in my hair,
Talking to someone
Who’s no longer there.
L.A. Boy, L.A. Man (repeat…and out)