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Leap Of Faith Tour - Modesto - Sacramento

The tour begins with a benefit concert in Modesto for the Northern California Women's Music Festival. It's a great night with a fun crowd and I get to stay over with wonderful Patty Castillo and Cowboy. I follow them home…

Leap Of Faith

I’ve been calling my first out-of-state tour my Leap Of Faith Tour because while I’m a big planner, this journey has many moving parts that come together, fall apart and reassemble in new ways. Friends and friends of friends old…

Review: "Carter Girl" by Carlene Carter

Carlene Carter, Carter Girl

Rounder, 2014 

Carlene Carter’s new release is a celebration of her roots in the first family of American Song. I have said elsewhere that Carlene is the rockingest of the Carters, a statement that this album…

Review: “When We’re Gone” by BettySoo


“When We’re Gone” by BettySoo

[Self-Released May 27, 2014] 

With shards of laughter in her eyes and a tear in her voice BettySoo brings us vivid images, torn pages, rough roads and tender hearts.

From the shambling percussion intro to…


Music Review: "Deciduous" by Megan Keely

I planned my first listen to this album to accompany my morning movement practice.  But Megan’s album is so good I had to sit and start taking notes immediately and dance around when I couldn't resist moving.

Click here to


SummerSongs West 2013 – Inviting My Ghosts

SummerSongs West 2013 – Inviting My Ghosts I’ve been thinking about turning sixty. It’s one of the reasons I decided to take Alan Thornhill’s advice and treat myself to this songwriting camp in Cambria, California, “I think you might like…

NIna Jo's First Songwriting Camp

The first thing that caught my attention was on opening night of the camp, when we all sang together at the end of orientation. I was singing a harmony line and started hearing someone directly behind me singing the…


Did Your Cat Get Lost During The Storms

Fourteen little faces from Central Oklahoma


The tabby kitten with startled big blue eyes,

The suspicious gray and white,

The pale Siamese huddled in fear,

And a tiny orange fluff reaching out a paw,


A big black panther, ID #87,…



Gypsy Notes From MUNI

Pink bandana around her neck

Nestled against her
Light skinned man
With long black hair
Red skateboard by his seat
In the back of the bus.
I walk back
Take a seat with my side facing…

Ojai Sessions, Getting Ready

Ojai Sessions, Getting Ready Ojai, California

Snow Pea’s odometer turned 100,000 on the way here, a ways south of Salinas. Rocinante III held snugly to the spare tire on back thanks to a stop at Wildhorse Road truck stop…